My Dearest Miya

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Miya


While you sleep the thunder rumbles and the rain pours I write this for you on the last day of the year 2020.
What a year… An unimaginable nor believable year, beyond anything any New Years Resolution at the start of 2020 could have envisioned.
We came out of 2019 hurt, in pain & unsure of what lay ahead for 2020… As 2020 started I left everything to the universe to play out as it saw fit… I surrendered.

Sitting here writing to you reflecting on the past year all I feel is gratitude. Gratitude for such abundance that has manifested itself over the course of the year. The challenging times of juggling between work & having you at home allowed me to bond even more with you, to watch you grow, to mould you, to shape you and to be in awe of your spirit that emerged.


How you have blossomed over these months is indescribable.
Keeping you entertained and sharing you with the world helped me keep and maintain my sanity through Moms 2 Rebels.
The days when job loss, retrenchment, uncertainty & fear overwhelmed me, your spirit, your energy & your being forced me to take the leap to create, push forward & build the MamaMiya brand while simultaneously enhancing my academic skills. You have been my white light during the darkest days!

As this year closes and the COVID-19 pandemic remains at its peak, my heart is full, my head is in the right place & I have all that I need which is YOU!


My dearest Miya… There have been many who have lost loved ones, who have lost jobs & who have been separated from their families throughout this year. To empathize with those who have suffered in any way this year was a feeling that shook me to the core… I grieved when they grieved, I grieved that their grief had to be done in solitude without the comfort and embrace of family and friends, the only thing that helps you get through those days when your world is shattered by trauma & pain.

Even though you are only 2 this year…I have tried to instill empathy and sympathy in you to feel, acknowledge & comfort when pain is felt…This my dear Meems is what true humanity is.
I don’t know what 2021 will bring for us or to us…All I know for sure is that I promise to try to continue to be the best version of myself to try & mould you to be the best version of yourself. So thank you Miya…Without knowing it you have saved me in so many ways.

Love Mama

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